Children's hula/lu'au parties
Need entertainment for your child's Hawaiian-themed hula or lu'au party?  You've come to the right place!  Make your child's party a memorable one. We send 2 to 3 real hula dancers to entertainment the guest of honor and his/her guests and can teach them to do the hula.
Our children's parties are designed especially for kids. We bring the aloha spirit to your child's party with music, costumes, and dancing from the Polynesian islands. The dancer(s) teach(es) dance steps, performs, and supervises games and activities. Individual and group picture taking opportunities with the performers are complimentary. We make every party fun and interactive. Let is give your child and his/her guests a party to remember!
We are available for children's birthday parties, camp group activities, or any special other special events for kids in the Hampton Roads and Richmond areas.
Need some ideas?  Here's a couple of our kids' party packages to give you some island-style inspiration.
Polynesian Party geared for Girls
* Easy to learn Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian Ori lessons where the children learn to tell a story with their hands and match the beat with their hips.
* Maori Poi Ball lessons in which the children learn to spin very soft, yet firm poi balls to the rhythm of island music.
* Special gifts for the Princess: a silk hair flower and flower lei to make her feel like the Princess of the party.

 Polynesian Party geared for Boys

* Fast, upbeat Tahitian Ori lessons
* Maori Poi Ball lessons in which the children learn to spin very soft, yet firm poi balls to the rhythm of island music.
* Free gift for the birthday boy: a pair of poi balls to keep for their very own!
Aloha! My name is Lisa Noelani Robbins and I am a mom to 5 beautiful children. I taught them all to dance hula as soon as they were old enough to walk. I enjoy teaching children the Hawaiian culture and language, basic hula steps, and dancing to Hawaiian and Tahitian music. The children enjoy dancing with hula implements. If you don't want an all-inclusive party package, you can choose our Basic Hula Only Package:
Basic Hula Only Package for 30 to 45 minutes is $150.00. This package includes a hula workshop. Your party guests will learn a hula dance and then learn how to use hula implements, such as the uli uli (feathered gourd rattles), puili (bamboo sticks used as rattles), pu pu (cowry shells), and ipu (hollowed gourd). We have instruments for 12 children at a time.

-Costume for dress up for each child (grass skirt and silk lei for dress up only)

-Hula dancing for up to 15 minutes.

-Tahitian dancing up to 15 minutes.

-3 Island Games such as Musical Beach Towels or Seashells (played like musical chairs to Polynesian music), Hot Lava or Hot Coconut, etc
-Poi Ball Making and learn to swing them (perfect for children over 8 years of age)
-Fresh Flower Lei demonstration (birthday boy/girl keeps the lei)
-Limbo - though not indigenous to the Polynesian culture, we offer a fun, upbeat island limbo contest set to island music
-Hula hoops (activity or contest)  
-Polynesian face painting of tropical items, such as tikis, tribal tatoos, pineapples, sea animals, flowers, coconut trees, etc.
-Candy Lei Making (using wrapped candies, poly bag tubing, and ribbons, each child keeps their candy lei)
- Fresh flower lei-making kits (client provides carnations, children need to be old enough to use long lei needle, and dental floss or cotton string)
- Silk flower lei-making kits

We'd love to work with you on making your party a fun and memorable success!

Please contact us for pricing and availability.  Mahalo!