I offer private individual or group Polynesian Dance Lessons, a Cultural Workshop, and The Interactive Polynesian Dancing Show. Dance Lessons are personalized and are wonderful for all age groups. Our Cultural Workshop and The Interactive Polynesian Dancing Show programs are wonderful for schools, libraries, daycamps, scouts, class graduations, heritage month events, and international programs.
Polynesian Dance Lessons only
Learn more about the culture and dancing of Polynesian in one of our dance workshops.
You will learn basic steps of Hawaiian or Tahitian traditional dancing or you can learn one or more dances and its meaning.
If you have a group of more than 10 people and a suitable size room, preferably with mirrors yet not required, we can come to your location for basic hula lessons.
Hawaiian hula and Tahitian dancing shows are also available for libraries, schools, kids' parties, and more! Our children shows are education, fun, and interactive. Children will learn about the Polynesian islands, the people, language, and culture.
Cultural Workshop
You will learn more than just a dance. You will learn the meaning of what you are dancing to and more about the Polynesian culture. I am proud to share my Polynesian heritage with you.
We offer hands-on workshops using implements used for hula and Tahitian dancing. We'll show your guests/audience how these implements are used, how they are made and they will have an opportunity to try these implements for themselves.
We will teach and demonstrate basic hula steps to your guests/audience. Demonstration and lessons to 2 songs provided.
Your guests will learn to count, name body parts, and the colors of the rainbow in the Hawaiian Language. They will also learn to pronounce and write some common Hawaiian and Tahitian words.
We also teach how to make a candy lei or a flower lei (supplies to be provided by the host of the event unless other arrangements have been made).
I also sometimes offer specialized crafts workshops, such as weaving and braiding lauhala or making implements. Please inquire.


The Interactive Polynesian Dancing Show
* I dramatize a Hawaiian legend, story, or folk tale. 
* Guests will play with Hawaiian rhythm instruments.
* Guests will participate in hula lessons and learn basic dance steps. 
* Additional costumes, including colorful Tahitian headdresses, may be included to highlight the special birthday girl or boy or other special person/people. This show can be customized for libraries and schools, too!


Please contact me for rates and more information.